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What your passengers could have:

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Passenger Bus App Walk Route - Web Android iOS
Passenger Bus App Vote Crowdsource Dynamic Routes - Web Android iOS

Best Route for your Passengers

Our clever algorithims find which of your routes suits each customer in real time

Steamlined Booking Process

Our app has gone through rigorous user testing to ensure the simpliest booking process possible

Passenger Bus App Book Seat User Testing - Web Android iOS
Passenger Bus App Integrated Mobile Ticket - Web Android iOS

Integrated Mobile Ticketing

Passengers can book any ticket you wish to sell and store it on their phone for convenience

Real-time Notifications

Our app is integrated with GPS to give accurate real time info to your passengers

Passenger Bus App Real-Time GPS - Web Android iOS

What Makes CitySwifter Different?



The intuitive User Interface makes our technology easy for Drivers, Passengers & Operators to use


Simple Set-up

We've made it hassle-free to get started so your team can focus on what they do best



Your app has been designed and tested with feedback from thousands of Passengers



We use data to shorten walking distances, optimise scheduling and accurately predict arrival times



Our specialist team keep your app updated and ensure it works 24/7 like your company does



Don't waste money paying expensive developers, use our tailor made app and save

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