CitySwifter Press Pack

Our Branding Resources, free to use for anyone writing about CitySwifter


CitySwifter uses big data and predictive analytics to optimise the efficiency and service quality of urban bus networks for our partner passenger transport companies.


CitySwifter uses Big Data and Predictive Analytics to optimise high-frequency, urban bus networks. Bus Companies around the world on average have only 3 timetables(Monday-Friday,Saturday and Sunday) but passenger demands changes, journey times change and average speeds constantly fluctuates. This results in bus companies constantly over/under supplying the market. By using our technology CitySwifter is able to create a supply and demand equilibrium, accurate capacity predictions and vehicle requirements optimisation. This solution then generates measurable improvements in efficiency and reduces the costs associated with providing the highest quality public transport service in Large Cities.


You can use our logo and branding where you have the right to do so, but please don’t do anything that could be considered misleading - that includes altering our logo or combining them with any other graphics, using the CitySwifter name in your app name, or implying endorsement from or a partnership with CitySwifter without written consent from us. If in doubt, feel free to get in touch with us at